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An Egyptian company is established in 2005 aiming to build a good reputation in the field of exporting all kinds of organic and non-organic Egyptian dried herbs, seeds, spices and dehydrated products (vegetables, fruits, and herbs).

Our experiences are gained by our long previous work as a supplier for all the above types of products, from our own farms which located in various areas.

Our good reputation at this field as a supplier pushed us to improve our work and going in depth of exporting our product, by establishing a new factory included hi care processing area, following the international standards by the strict way, no way to deviation.

What makes us able to offer products with high quality and still at competitive prices is the fact that we have our own farms to get raw materials from.

This makes our traceability procedure of all products very easy and accurate as it enables us to fully control all steps of the business from cultivating, harvesting, drying, handling, processing and sorting to the final step which is shipping.

The quality of our products, customer satisfaction, punctual delivery, and high service within and after delivery are our highest priorities, we strive to provide impeccable customer service and superior quality botanical products.

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What We Do

Natural Egyptian Herbs Company produces and exports bulk dried herbs, spices and seeds to the worldwide market. We control the whole herb supply chain from the farm's gate to the customer warehouse. At each stage of production, our quality control staff inspects and approves each product before it is allowed to proceed to the next process.
Our professional staff continuously monitors product quality to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

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